What is edX?

Would you have been able to imagine ten (or twenty, thirty?) years ago the reality we have today when technology is concerned? If somebody told me that we would be able to access the internet wherever and whenever, that we would be able to stream shows on our phones or gamble online with Matchbook Bonus Code, I wouldn’t have believed that. Simply because technology advances faster than most of us realize at the time and we don’t expect such discoveries and advancements to happen this rapidly. For example, when I heard in 2012 that Harvard and MIT have a shared platform for online learning, I was completely shocked. To learn online in 2012 was unheard of. Therefore, I wanted to dedicate some time to tell you all today about this amazing platform that bettered my life, and lives of many other people. 

What is edX?

edX is a learning platform founded by Harvard and MIT, who have brought online courses from both institutions onto one platform. It aims to educate students from all over the world, at all different levels of education. Whether you’re looking to take an online course, study for an upcoming exam or certification, or gain the industry standard knowledge required to take the next step in your career. edX is there to help you nurture your mind and progress your career without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Why is this platform great?

It helps you study anything, earn valuable credentials, and unlock the door to opportunity. edX is bringing online education to the next level with its online learning environment that harnesses the power of social networks and makes it easy for anyone to learn anytime, anywhere. It turns traditional classroom concepts on their head by using the internet to deliver courses at scale. Its innovative approach — free and online — disrupts conventional modes of higher education by providing students from all over the world with access to the best teachers and courses in subjects like psychology, literature, public health, mathematics, chemistry and computer science. As I found out, this platform is all about quality education, it has a huge team of experts behind it and it’s both extensive and interactive. There’s also the fact that they’re constantly trying to improve their product by involving those who use it. 

What can you study there exactly?

With more than 2,500 courses available, edX is the best place to learn about pretty much anything! Their offerings run the gamut from Electrical Engineering 101 to Chinese for Beginners to Crafting Digital Narratives. If this isn’t your cup of tea, you can try some courses in other academic fields such as Financial planning, Humanities and social sciences, Computer science, Data science, Blockchain, Business and management, Communications, Science and Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and so much more. At the end of the day, you cannot lose anything by going to the website and searching for courses that interest you – you will not be disappointed.