Ways to Save Money on Online Courses

Online courses, just like online games that offer Mr Play bonus code, have become one of the most popular approaches to learning new skills. You don’t need to pass any entrance exam, you get to choose which courses you get to attend, and it is online which gives you control over when the lecture will be delivered to you. The only problem is the lack of regulatory body or authority that gives its stamp of approval on some of these courses, so you have to rely on the feedback of average users. Although that kind of system is good, it is not ideal, mainly because the course is not evaluated by the recognized subject matter experts. 

In other words, it is understandable if people are reluctant to pay upfront when they don’t know what exactly they are purchasing. It is for that reason that we will go over some of the tactics you can use to mitigate those costs and get into the online courses at a lower price. 

Platforms where courses are hosted

Course owners are not necessarily platform owners, so they have agreements with the website like Udemy or Skillshare on how they are compensated. In other words, you are paying the platform rather than course owners directly so it is up to the platform how they capitalize on their content.

In general, platforms strive to accumulate a massive user base and to have active users. It is for this reason that platforms offer discount codes that users can utilize to reduce the price of a certain course. So you can go over platform reviews and see what kind of bonuses they offer. You can also sign up to multiple platforms if they give out discounts upon sign up and try out different courses there. 

Know their marketing strategy 

The platforms and course owners both work on their online presence in order to generate a bigger user base. It is for that reason that they have an aggressive marketing strategy on websites that are visited by primarily young people who are eager to learn, in order to find jobs. 

Many of the platforms sponsor videos on YouTube and content creators there usually advertise them as a part of their video. Of course, being mentioned does not have any immediate or visible results, so in order to increase conversion rate, they allow the content creators to distribute codes for free courses or memberships. You can find channels with a high number of subscribers and watch a few videos to see who sponsors them. If a video was recently published and they include the link in the video description for a free subscription to a platform you can bet it is still valid.