Top 4 Sports Academies in Europe

It stands without arguing that in order to become a professional player, regardless of the sport, it takes an enormous amount of hard work, commitment, and discipline. However, many players, fearing for their impending future, tend to enroll in a “regular” school to secure themselves with a profession that serves as a sort of backup in case they don’t make it in the sports field. Unfortunately, this decision could mean the end of one’s career in sports. In order to prevent that from happening, but still obtain a proper education during the formative years, young people should be encouraged to consider applying for a sports academy.

Sports academies form a unique setting for aspiring athletes where they could work properly on their skills and towards a more determined future in the world of sports – just like the best slot sites offer a unique experience for their players. Choosing a sports academy can mean securing your spot among the players from the highest level of competition. Deciding on the best school can be challenging, and it includes a lot of different factors. In this article, we will point out some of the best sports academies in Europe.

Kaptiva Sports Academy

This soccer academy located in Spain has a fully integrated soccer program that helps young athletes reach their full potential. Kaptiva Sports Academy can be attended by 14 to 17-year-old boys in Madrid or Barcelona. Training and studying combined to living abroad for most of its international students make Kaptiva an ideal place where a young player can be shaped into a future professional player. Intense training, individual training sessions, a better understanding of technical skills, mobility, and tactics, are just some of the examples that make this school one of the most popular places for future soccer players. 

Mouratoglou Academy

The route to becoming a professional tennis player can be very time-consuming and costly. However, if you wish to have the best possible education while keeping up with your tennis obligations, you should consider applying to Mouratoglou Academy. For over 20 years this academy has been forging the reputation for the utmost excellence and professionalism. Their tennis-studies program combines high-level studies and intensive training throughout the year. Young adults can create a path towards their desired profession with ease, but also leave this academy as hard-working and responsible people, capable of achieving their goals. 

Europe Basketball Academy

Located approximately 15 miles from the center of Barcelona, Europe Basketball Academy is a dream come true for any young basketball player. Founded in 2010, this academy is dedicated to helping players achieve their goals in the shortest period of time. Attendees of this academy are located in a coastal area, so they can enjoy beautiful, sandy beaches during their free time. As for education and training, they will reach an academic and athletic level to qualify and receive NCAA scholarships. 

Soccer Inter-Action

Another international soccer academy located in Spain, that works with players by combining sport, education, and technology. With this method, the player’s performance is tracked and optimized to result in a high-level game on a daily level. The academic program is based on the National British Curriculum, by the Educational Department in England. It combines the development of language skills, with a supervised curriculum adapted to the individual needs of every student, and extracurricular activities like ballet, judo, tennis, violin, etc.  Moreover, the Academy is divided into three different areas: players, goalkeepers, and coaches. And regardless of the age and the sex of the player, anyone with the desire to become a part of a professional league of European soccer should consider enrolling in this unique school.