Tips on How to Fully Utilize Your LinkedIn Account

Today there are lots of social media platforms and websites that people use for fun such as Instagram, Facebook, or sites where they can find offers like Loony Bingo Promo Code. Some of these platforms can be used for business as well, but there are some that are only business-oriented. One of them is LinkedIn. As a well-known platform created for the purpose of helping people with networking, it can be great for companies looking to recruit new talent, for individuals who are looking for a job, and also a tool for business partnerships and marketing.

Just like any other tool, its usefulness is strongly dependant on the user, and many LinkedIn users don’t even make an effort to realize the full potential of their profiles. Considering how the platform is really helpful and not high-maintenance at all, it would be unwise to simply forget about, as you never know when you might need it. So, here are a few suggestions on how you can fully utilize your LinkedIn account.   

Regularly update your profile

Think of LinkedIn as your digital wall of fame, and whenever there is a new trophy you can add on it you should be thrilled to do it. So, make sure your skills section and job history are up to date and endorsed. You can upload any certificates that help you back up your claims, as that can certainly leave a strong impression on future employer/client. You can also go over your job descriptions in order to ensure they adequately reflect or highlight your previous responsibilities and duties. Lastly, make this a monthly habit, go over your profile and do some fine-tuning, as surely you will find a way to better portray your professional image.      

Take advantage of the useful metrics

One of the best things about LinkedIn is the report on who viewed your profile. This gives you a good insight into who might be looking for a new employee or if someone needs your services. You don’t have to reach out to these people but you can upload more relevant content to ensure they reach out to you. These are potential meaningful connections, and that’s the purpose of LinkedIn to make sure relevant people are connected, so don’t be afraid to reach out and show initiative. Even better, send a personalized message to show you are eager to collaborate.   

Don’t just wait on connection requests 

Another thing to remember is to be proactive and sift through LinkedIn’s database in order to find profiles relevant to you. You don’t have to add loads of people and send a template message like a spammer, you can be more selective and send personalized and relevant messages. You can find potential clients, go over their web design for example and send them a sample of your work to show how you can improve the quality of their current product or asset. This is a great way to spend your free time if you are a freelancer. Even if you don’t land a gig or find a position in a company, you ensure that your profile reaches relevant people and they will likely contact you in the future.  

Publish content on LinkedIn

You don’t have to be a writer or look for writer career opportunities to have a reason to publish content on LinkedIn. You can write about your point of view on the latest happenings or hot topics. Don’t allow your profile to be just work-related facts about you, allow people to get to know you better. You can even create helpful tutorials and really show people you are a professional.