Must-Visit Libraries in The World

Every book fan knows that there is no better smell than the smell of books. For years and years, books have been among the most cherished possessions in any household that can never go out of fashion. Moreover, from the moment we hold a book in our hands we make a connection with the object that will most likely tell us something about ourselves. It comes as no surprise that a blog is pro-books, and one of our favorite go-to places is without a doubt the good, old library.

Even though there are many different libraries out there, some small, others big, they all have a common feature. They are a place of knowledge. A sacred ground for all book fans where they spend their time searching for answers about the world around them or themselves. And in this article you will discover what are the grandest, best-equipped, and most beautiful libraries in the world. 

Bodleian Library

Founded in 1602 in Oxford, this is one of the oldest European libraries. Over 11 million items are safely guarded in this library and among them you can find Magna Carta copies and Shakespeare’s First Folio. There are several building that form Bodleian library, but the most compelling of them all is Radcliffe Camera built in the 18th century. It houses Radcliffe Science Library and it is the oldest circular library in Europe. Due to its unique appeal it was chosen as the shooting location for different movies like The Red Violin.

Vatican Library

One of the oldest libraries in the entire world is located in Vatican. Even though it was officially formed in 1475, some evidence point out to its being formed at the time of the creation of the Catholic Church. Over the last 600 years, this library which is under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Rome, has been growing into what is now one of the greatest libraries in the world. Through historic acquisitions as well as generous gifts, the Vatican Library has managed to obtain the collection of 1,1 million books, 75,000 manuscripts, and 8,500 incunabula. 

However, due to the value of this amazing collection the access to it is granted only to researchers, university professors, and students who can prove that the literature they need can only be found in this library.

Abbey Library Of Saint Gall

If you are looking for a magical experience, then you should visit Abbey Library of Saint Gall in Switzerland. This is the oldest library in this country and it was founded by Saint Othmar. With approximately 160,000 items, including manuscripts from the 8th century, this library will be a perfect experience for any book fan. In 1983 it was named as a World Heritage site. However, the library has been keeping up with modern times so it offers online access to many books from its collection.

Trinity College Library 

Head over to Dublin and visit one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Nicknamed “The Long Room”, Trinity College Library consists of four separate buildings. One of them, called the Old Library, was built in 1592 and is the home to the famous Book of Kells.