Listening Vs Reading? Are Audiobooks as Good as Real Ones When Studying

With the development of modern technology, a number of things have changed and keep changing the world as we know it. Cashiers are being replaced by automated self-service machines, cars are being made that are self-driving, and mobile phones that can run almost all applications available on the market stores. People do not even need to visit casinos to gamble; they can do so online with the Golden Nugget bonus code. Never before in the history of mankind was there such a concern with time-saving. So, it comes as no surprise that audiobooks have earned their rightful place next to the real books since modern society revolves around the premise that time is money. And any extra free time (like riding on the bus or metro) can be used for listening to a book.  

However, this is not the only reason why people tend to purchase an audiobook over a real one. Plenty of people find this method of “reading” more enjoyable and practical since it can be done while performing other tasks. But can listening to audiobooks be considered as cheating in the world of studying? Is reading better than listening to audiobooks?

Our Brain Says It All

According to some recent studies the same cognitive and emotional regions of the brain were being triggered with all the participants who were both reading and listening to audiobooks. They were reading and listening to a series of tales while they were scanned so that the scientist behind the experiment could determine how each word was processed in the brain’s cortex.

The Brain’s Mysterious Ways

Back in 2016 researchers produced the first interactive map of the human brain. This was done by making participants listen to short stories for two hours. The interactive map is basically a colored diagram divided into 60,000 parts that are called voxels.

Through the process of coding and then analyzing data from each voxel, researchers were able to visually present the areas of the brain after processing a particular word or words. There was an area that showed great response once certain terms of emotional nature (like father or divorced) were mentioned.

Once they compared the data from the participants reading and participants listening, the results showed that the same regions of the brain are activated.

Future tests will be done on participants who are not English speakers, speak multiple languages and those who have dyslexia. The findings could help people who are having trouble reading or listening.

The Verdict

Upon examining the results of this research, it is safe to assume that both audiobooks and reading real books can be equally beneficial. Only one question remains, and that is which method is more agreeable with you. So, sit back, relax, grab your favorite book or press play, and let the brain do the rest.