How Being an Online Tutor in South Korea Can Make You Rich

We all like to have fun online; some do it by streaming movies, others by streaming a game. We usually don’t associate the word online with working. And we most certainly don’t associate the two with the lavish lifestyle. Or we didn’t do so until recently.

When we talk about the most lucrative professions we tend to think in the lines of physician, dentist, architect, engineer or a corporate lawyer. A teacher does not even come close in the top 10 entries on that list, let alone online tutor. However, this is not the case in South Korea, and those who only focus on teaching a class online can look forward to a lavish lifestyle. Here we are going to discuss how this is possible, and why there is such a high demand for online lessons. 

Education in South Korea 

First of all, there is nothing wrong with the schools in South Korea in terms of staff proficiency. In fact, the same teachers that work in schools are online tutors, it is just that the majority of their revenue comes from online tutoring. 

According to online tutors, the main problem is that schools aim to ensure students become moral individuals once they finish school. Whereas the goal of online tutoring and cram schools is to help them achieve the desired results. Teenagers in South Korea spend up to 12 hours in classrooms preparing for entrance exams, as having good scores here is likely to lead you to the desired future. 

Since the entrance exam is such a high priority in life 3 out of 4 students opt for additional online classes or tutoring. 

Cram Schools

As mentioned cram schools are another way of getting prepared for the exams. These are schools that actually specialize in preparing students to achieve higher scores, and their curriculum is tailored to meet that demand. However, with almost 90 percent of the population having high-speed internet in their homes, South Korea is one of the most well-connected countries. So, for many students, online tutoring is a more convenient choice. Not only that but also online classes are way cheaper than cram schools.  

More Personalized Lessons

Another important aspect of online classes over school lectures is the ability for participants to have a more personalized program. For example, the education system is more geared towards results and getting correct answers on the paper rather than students’ ability to apply the knowledge. As a result, many Koreans have great scores on the English tests because they know the grammar, but are not fluent speakers, which is a more important aspect of the language.  During online lessons, they get to communicate with a tutor, hone their listening and comprehension skills and use the language. 

It is important to note that some of these teachers don’t really get to enjoy their wealth due to their busy schedules. Moreover, their success is strongly dependant on the approval of teenagers, so a few bad reviews can have a negative impact on the whole career.