5 Incredible Websites With Free Online Courses

Learning something new is not always that easy, however, finding the right source and the material can be even harder than the learning process itself. In addition, expensive scholarships, programs, and courses are yet another setback holding you back from all that knowledge. The online world is filled with sites that can be used for entertainment and educational purposes. However, entertainment is not the only focus for some people.

But, did you know that it is possible to get to some incredible learning material online for free? There are multiple websites offering incredible courses you might find useful. Take a look at the top 5 websites where you can find some free courses and enroll today!

iTunesU Free Courses

Firstly, let’s talk about iTunesU Free Courses convenient for all the iOS users out there. If you are one of them, tune in and learn how to take various courses online for free. You will be able to learn on your iPad or iPhone for free if you simply download the iTunesU app. 

There, you can find tons of courses and lectures made to help the iOS users learn in a simplified and affordable way. You can follow the lectures, take down the notes, and do various assignments. Surely, there are some things that are a part of the courses that are not free of charge. however, that is often content which is not obligatory, and you will still be able to listen to podcasts or watch videos for free. 

 Khan Academy

With an incredible easily manageable interface, this online platform offers a great number of courses you can attend for free. Khan Academy offers free curated courses from all around the web by collaborating with different institutions and individuals. The subjects of courses vary, and the users will probably be able to find something useful there. After all, it is for free. The principle behind the platform is to offer short lessons filled with information that won’t burden you or take too much time. 

Stanford Online

Yes, you heard that right, Stanford Online. You can get various free courses straight from Stanford University. The concept behind these free courses is providing knowledge to those who want it via different session-based courses. Moreover, you will be able to learn at your own pace, as there is no pressure. In order to take the classes, you will have to use a web browser but there are even some that are limited to iTunes. 

Open Culture Online Courses

If you are looking for various different online courses that are free, another great option for you is Open Culture Online Courses. Their free online courses offer more than a thousand of various videos, classes, podcasts and other content you might find useful.  Furthermore, the content gathered there is from multiple different universities, schools and other educational institutions around the globe. The users will be able to search the categories and find what they are looking for easily. 


In case you are interested in a website where you can get some more general courses, TED-Ed is just the thing for you! All the TED people around the globe that brought inspiring motivational speeches that change people’s lives are giving you more. With TED-Ed you will be able to learn from those same people by watching a myriad of educational videos which might last around ten minutes, no more. 

Chances are, that if you like TED talks, you will love these ten-minute educational videos. Some of the videos include quizzes and additional material that the users might find of use.