4 Professions That Are Becoming Extinct

Every ere brings about a change. After Alexander Bell invented the telephone it resulted in the birth of new job positions that were once unimaginable. Who could have thought the change that the Internet would bring? But it is not just the Internet. The development of modern technology in its entirety has caused many shifts that are changing the face of society as we know it. Robots and automated machines have replaced humans in many positions while some other jobs have simply become obsolete.  

Statistics show a significant drop in the number of employees for certain professions. Moreover, it is expected that these numbers drop even more in the following years. So here is a list of some professions that are expected to be extinct in the near future.

Parking Service Workers

The main job of these workers is to check whether a vehicle is properly parked within a designated area. If they notice an irregularity they are supposed to issue a ticket to the owner of the vehicle. Most of the time they are patrolling on foot but they sometimes use a vehicle assigned to them. It is expected that this profession will become obsolete in the coming years due to the development of new-age smart meters. These smart meters should allow the owner of the vehicle to keep track of the time left on the parking spot, but also procrastinating drivers will be detected and the ticket will be issued to them electronically. 


There was once a time without supermarkets or store chains when the seller of the goods you were buying was usually the owner of the store. But with the expansion of branded stores, there was a growing need for people who would work in these supermarkets. Nowadays, people working behind the counter or at the checkout are being replaced by automated stands that people use for self-service.

Bank Tellers

People standing (or sitting) behind the glass window of your bank, who are in charge of processing all of your bank transactions, are called bank tellers. Some of their tasks include depositing money, collecting loan payments and cashing checks. But with the development of enhanced ATMs, bank tellers, as well as mobile and online banking, have become a threat to this profession. Also, video kiosks allow customers to communicate with a teller via webcam, so fewer people are needed for this position. 

Postal Service Workers

This group includes different job positions like delivering mail, sorting and processing mail. Electronic mail has greatly influenced the dropping number of open job positions in this sector. Also, there are now automated systems that sort, forward, and process mail.